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Digital marketing is a form of marketing where we take advantage of the internet and online based technologies such as desktop and smart phones for promotion of products and services. 

Traditional marketing is any marketing done through prints and media such as Tv and radio, mail, newspaper and billboards, nothing online based.

So which is voted the best for our modern day world ?

With the 3 T’s of marketing we explain why Digital marketing is favorable and most efficient. 

Targeting, with digital marketing because we are glued to our personal devices, it’s close to impossible to miss any kind of ads popping up on our screens, we pick and choose our targets through their interest, search and data. We pick who should see what and which areas to target at any age and gender. While traditional marketing had limited options to physical copies of prints, radio and giant billboards. As big as they could have been there were still many people who would  still miss them. 

Tracking,  while running an ad in digital marketing we are able to see exactly who views what at which point of the ad run. While traditional marketing offered limited unpercised numbers of either call backs or order mails.

Tweaking, when improvement is needed with any promotion or ad through digital marketing its only a click away to change it and re-run it with little cost. But in traditional marketing it was harder to change and much more expensive to change billboards and reprint broshows .

As beneficial it has been digital marketing has a downside, accessibility. Everyone with a product, service or a business to promote will use digital marketing creating a traffic on similar ads. This leads into owners having to do the most in order to stay up to pace all ways, always.