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Top 5 Marketing Tips for Small Business in Kurdistan

Top 5 Marketing Tips for Small Business in Kurdistan

Written by admin

August 15, 2021

We have searched the world wide web for you to gather the top five marketing tips for your small startup that aligns with the customers behaviours in Kurdistan, adding a dash of our own expertise and what we see would work well in the field of marketing . 

1-Target your ideal audience:

In order not to waste money, time and resources, select your ideal audience. Determining the ideal audience requires determining the type of audience, male or female, and determining the age. Do you target all segments of society, and what is the ideal segment for your business? Determine the region. Are all regions and governorates targeted for you or not? And so on…

2- Get a cheaper version..

Some potential customers are not willing to pay the price you are asking for the good or service you provide. Others are more interested in getting a cheaper price than they are in getting a higher quality. You can avoid losing any potential sales by providing a smaller version of your product or service for a lower cost.

3- Try strange marketing methods.

Always look for unconventional marketing methods that competitors overlook,as you may discover profitable ways to increase sales and avoid fierce competition.For example, print your best small ad on the size of a postcard.Such advertising may lead to more visitors to your site and thus lead to increased sales for a small cost

4- Benefit from your customers…

Your clients know you well and trust you as a result of their dealings with you,and these are easier to get business from than those who have never dealt with you before. Take advantage of this by arranging special offers for your existing customers and announcing your new products/services to them before anyone else. Also, make sure to convert your customers into marketers and promoters for you by implementing an incentive policy that will bring benefits to them in return.This marketing policy is less expensive than others.

5-Use the pleasant surprise method when closing the deal

An unpleasant surprise will kill the deal, but a pleasant surprise will end it quickly. For example, giving something unexpected before closing the deal and before the customer takes the last step will complete the deal and reduce the chance of customer hesitation.

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