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Should universities teach Entrepreneurship ?

Should universities teach Entrepreneurship ?

Written by admin

February 8, 2021

If you think of educating students about Entrepreneurship , it seems quite reasonable yet haven’t been done.

For some reason schools and universities have set a system that not only doesn’t build up but destroys certain creativity and abilities in the student. 

Providing students with basic knowledge of business management and how to start and run a business would lead to more students starting their own startups or at least get better employment opportunities. 

This statement only lacks supporting evidence because it hasn’t been tested out before.

To only form a robot like individuals chasing after the next way to get paid with little to no actual passion for the opportunity at hand.

Establishing entrepreneurship programs in the education system could lead to an increase of students WANTING to work because it makes them feel great, test their capabilities to grow and get rewarded for doing things they truly like.

Imagine a society where its people LOVE building it, contribute to its growth and are in return receiving so much more back. 

That’s a class I would never skip

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