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How To Generate Content Ideas In Less Than 2 Minutes (Mind Blowing)

Written by admin

May 29, 2022

Have you ever wondered if you can have a bank full with ideas for your content on social media? Sometimes it could be hard and unclear if there is not system on place for creating content ideas on the spot.


1-Set the target market first:

the key to growing your audience and engaging them is to create content they’re really craving. And the best way to know what they’re really craving is to ask them, nothing like getting it from the horse’s mouth in their own words (although to be fair horses can’t talk but you get what I mean!!).

You can:

  • Email your list
  • Post a survey or questions in your social media group and other groups
  • Ask them in your joining questions for your FB group
  • Check comments on posts relevant to your niche
  • Look at the reviews of relevant Amazon books
  • Do research in forums for your niche
  • Ask previous and current clients
  • Even an emoji poll in Insta Stories

The options are endless. Anything which allows you to hear directly from your target audience will be useful in creating content ideas.

You could ask them:

  • What topics do you enjoy most from me?
  • What is your number one struggle with XYZ? (insert your niche)
  • What would you like to see more of from me?
  • What do you want to achieve in 3 months time?
  • What would stop you from achieving your goals?

2-Google search session:


If you have an idea for a general topic, pop it in the fountain of knowledge, Google, and look

the suggested topics it comes up with. Each could be a piece of content

3-Brainstorm session: 

Here where you can dump all of the ideas you have without even thinking about refining them, edit the title or deciding on ideas, the reason you do brainstorm session is to gather as much ideas as possible

4-Content ideas refining:

After brainstorming pick your best ideas and refine them, decide on the type of content for each idea and map them through the content Planner You can download from here

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